Rainbow Health Kare, Inc.

800 E. Minnehaha Ave
Suite 340
Saint Paul, MN 55106
PH: 651-292-9900
Fax: 651-292-9902

704 Sand Lake Road
Suite 101
Onalaska, WI 54650
PH: 608-781-4838
Fax: 608-781-4839
Rainbow Health Kare, Inc., is a home health care
agency established to help those individuals who
have difficulty performing daily activities due to a
physical or mental disability. We understand that
you have the right to choose a home health agency
that is right for you.
At  Rainbow Health Kare, Inc., we strive to provide
the safest and best quality in-home health care for
your loved ones.  Our employees are prompt,
respectful, and have many years of experience in
home care services. Being able to live in the
comfort of one’s own home shouldn’t have to be
difficult. We can help provide solutions.

“I would not be able to stay in
my home without the help of my
caretakers.  I’m going through
dialysis now and sometimes I
can’t get up for days
afterwards. If not for Rainbow
Health Kare, I would not be in
my own home but in a nursing
home. Thank you Rainbow
Health Kare”.